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Start Then Next

(3F 3M)

The story begins with Girl’s small act of rebellion – refusing to speak or move. Her action/inaction sparks a need for change in every member of her family. Over three acts, their home becomes a living nightmare as they try to make their dreams come true.

Developed in Barrow Group Master Class 2020

Reading – Cut Edge Collective 2021

Midnight Showing

(5 Actors- 1f and 4 Clowns)

After years of making John Waters inspired films in her parents’ basement, Diana is catapulted into fame with her exploitation film, “Clown Fucker.” Diana is bold, blunt, and willing to offend. She does not suffer fools nor does she allow anyone to question her asexuality or her extremely close relationship with her parents.

Diana directs a cast of clowns as she explores her career and personal growth. Her strong outer shell hides a fearful soul plagued by troubling thoughts. Once the safety her parents provided is stripped away, Diana has a break down and must learn to negotiate the world again by herself.

Developed in Barrow Group Master Class 2019

Eden Theater Company Playwriting Lab 2019

Semi-Finalist Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference 2020

Short Listed for Yale Drama Series Prize 2021

Atomic Town

(15-19 parts – double casting is encouraged)

In the race to create nuclear weapons, multiple nations overlooked the safety and health of individual workers. They didn’t enforce safety procedures, didn’t purchase safety equipment, and often times kept the dangers of working with radioactive materials secret from their employees. “Atomic Town” is a surrealistic look at the atomic accidents that ensued.

The play follows Carl, a nuclear plant worker, and Tessa, a spokesperson for Radium Water, as they gain their portion of the American Dream and the American Nightmare. Carl is given one huge dose of radiation in an industrial accident while Tessa is slowly poisoned by drinking Radium Water, a 1940s health product (based on real products available at the time). Carl’s body breaks down completely while Tessa’s reaches a new kind of normal. Carl becomes an experiment. Tessa is destined to live a life of pain and destitution. The subject matter of “Atomic Town” is dark, but there are moments of levity. The style is absurdist/surrealist using puppetry, dance, and humor.

Developed in Barrow Group Playwriting Master Class 2018

Reading – Hot Metal Arts Collective 2019

Thirty Years War, Kind Of

(1M 1F) 10 minute play

Two actors/frenemies spend their careers helping and hurting one another.

Production – Hot Metal Arts Collective 2019

Meant to Be

(1M 1F) 10 minute play

An eccentric man and a unique woman fall in love over lunch

Production – Sonorous Road Theater and Film Studio – 2018

Inference and Deduction

(3M 1F) 10 Minute Play

Three bar regulars argue over a painting done by the bartender’s son. They see themselves, their true selves, in his work.

Production – Cary Playwrights Forum 2015