Cover Reveal: Endless

Okay, for real, this cover is gorgeous!

Endless for Web


First, do no harm.” Blake Ryan swore that oath to become a doctor. Ironic, given that he spent most of his thousand year life sucking souls out of other immortals.

Things are different now. Using regular shots of morphine to keep his inner monster at bay, Ryan has led a quiet life since the Second World War. His thrills now come from saving lives, not taking them.

Until a plane crash brings Aleria into his hospital. Her life is vibrant. Crack to predators like him. She’s the exact sort of person they would hunt, and thanks to a severe case of amnesia, she’s all but defenseless.

Leaving Aleria vulnerable isn’t an option, but protecting her means unleashing his own inner monster. Which is a problem, because his inner monster wants her dead most of all.

Due out April 30! Find the book here:

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Meet Misha:

Misha Gerrick Author Pic

Misha Gerrick lives near Cape Town, South Africa, and can usually be found staring at her surroundings while figuring out her next book.

If you’d like to see what Misha’s up to at the moment, you can find her on these social networks:

Tumblr | Twitter | Google Plus | Writing Blog
Curious to see a bit of the book?  Well, you’ve come to the right place!


This had to be what dying felt like. Floating outside my body, waiting for that final link to my life to be severed, only vaguely aware of indescribable pain. More screams than I could count rose up around me. Hundreds of footsteps beat against tiles. I couldn’t open my eyes if I wanted to. Not when it was easier to listen and wait. People shouted for a doctor or an IV, or a thousand other things that made no sense. I listened to all the chaos, trying to untangle it in my thoughts.

Soon, I could go. The peace around me was so relaxing, completely out of place in the clamor I heard. I wanted it. To rest forever in that peace. Why not? There was a very good reason, but I couldn’t call it to mind.

A numb buzz shot through my body and shattered my serenity.

It happened again. Only this time was more of a sharp pulse. The third time jolted like lightning. The fourth…Hell. Suddenly, the screams were coming from me. My heart’s relentless thundering added to my torment.



My chest burned like fire. It hurt to breathe. Cold air drove down my throat and into my lungs, amplifying the inferno in my chest. My skin felt scorched. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t right.

I had to see. I had to understand why pain dominated my existence like this. My eyes were fused shut. My breaths grew shallow, trying to draw air when there was none. I tried to clench my teeth. I bit hard plastic. A pipe. Cold air suddenly forced back into my lungs, out of time with my own breathing. This was wrong. It wasn’t safe. I had to see. The best I got was a little fluttering of my lashes.

A high-pitched beep shot through my head. It repeated again and again. I wanted to reach over and slam my fist into its source. My arm wouldn’t lift. Something kept it trapped. A scream rose up from the depths of my soul, but the pipe jammed inside my throat stifled the sound. I only managed a whimper, trying my best not to gag. More air blasted into my lungs against my will. What was going on? I was trapped in my own body, but why?

I needed to move. I had to move. Now. Before… Even… Even though… Panic gripped me. The beeps increased at a frenetic pace. I needed to move. To be gone. Didn’t matter where. Just not here. Not defenseless. Not trapped.

The air sucked out of my lungs. I gasped, choking on nothing, strangled by invisible fingers. I tried to convulse my body. To twist myself free of what’s holding me.


The air rushed back in a cold flood. Seconds later it left, only to return in the same amount of time.

There was a rhythm to the air. In… out… in… out… The breaths were slow—sleep-like. I concentrated on this rhythm, striving to clear my head. If I wanted out, I needed to think. Calmly. Clearly. Eventually, those irritating beeps slowed. I tried to focus past the sound.

Voices buzzed about me, adding to my need to see, to do something to protect myself. No one seemed to pay attention to me. Good. I could use that to my advantage.

I centered my every thought on moving my little finger. It finally jerked, but collided against something solid. So the thing trapping my arm was physical and too heavy for me to lift. It was better to be trapped than paralyzed. With luck I could escape my restraints. I tried my other hand, but it was cemented stuck as well. Right leg. Left leg. Damn it! Both trapped. I had to move!


No, I needed to stay calm. I tried to make larger movements, biting the pipe in my mouth against the urge to scream in pain. There was no wiggle room.

Fearing that I might be blindfolded, I focused on blinking. It worked. My eyes opened and the blur faded, revealing ceiling tiles. Why would there be tiles? Where was the canvas of hospital tents? The distant sounds of bombs dropping? The power of their explosions rushing through my blood?

No. That wasn’t right. I wasn’t there.

Where was I, then?


I’m about five chapters in. So far, it’s a super fun read! But don’t take my word for it! Hop on over to Goodreads and see what everyone’s saying. 🙂

The Haunted Stepsister Cover Reveal

EEK!!!  I am late. I was supposed to reveal Medeia Sharif’s cover last Monday! Sorry Medeia! The world has been a crazy place over the last few months. But, better late than never!

The Haunted Step-SisterFinal


The Haunted Stepsister by Medeia Sharif will be available on May 9, 2016. Want to know more? Here’s the blurb:

Sixth grade isn’t easy for Jesenya Moradi, especially since her father’s recent remarriage and tension with her new stepsister, Kammy. After an incident at school that nearly destroyed Kammy’s life, Jess has been desperate to get on Kammy’s good side. But a fateful trip to an allegedly haunted bathroom changes both girls’ lives forever.

The rumors about the bathroom are true, and now Jess is convinced a demon’s possessing Kammy. Eerie things happen whenever she’s around – flying objects, flickering lights, not to mention the fact that something, or someone, is making people into its puppets.

Worse, the demon seems fixated on making Jess confess her part in ruining Kammy’s reputation. Sticking to her Muslim faith, Jess enlists the help of an imam to exorcise the demon from Kammy. But can they get rid of the demon before it destroys her new family?

Find the book on Goodreads Link

I don’t know about you, but the idea of a haunted bathroom is terrifying! Especially a public bathroom. Gross meets ghastly!

msharif author pic

Author Bio:

Medeia Sharif was born in New York City and she presently calls Miami her home. She received my master’s degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University. After becoming a voracious reader in high school and a relentless writer dabbling in many genres in college, she found her niche writing for young people. Today she’s a MG and YA writer published through various presses. In addition to being a writer, she is a public school teacher. Her memberships include MensaALAN, and SCBWI.

If you’d like to drop by to say hello to Medeia, you can find a link to her site here.


Feel free to visit me (Libby) over at Nina Mansfield’s blog where I’m discussing my love of birthdays!

Cover Reveal and Giveaway

I have been waiting patiently for a month to show everyone the cover for my new book, “Welcome to Sortilege Falls”. By patiently, I mean that I’ve loaded it into FB and then hit delete. Then loaded it, then hit delete. Then thought about sharing it. Then cursed because I had to wait. But hey, no one’s perfect.

Without further ado, here is the cover:



The blurb:

Sixteen-year-old Grape Merriweather has just moved to Sortilege Falls and already she knows something isn’t right. A small pack of teenage models, too beautiful for words, holds the town in their sway. The models have no plans on making Grape’s life easy. But no matter how cruel they are to Grape and the other “Normals”, no one can stay angry with them for long.

Grape’s life changes for the better, or so she thinks, when Mandy, the only “nice” model, befriends her. But that’s when the trouble truly begins. Mandy’s friendship places Grape smack in the middle of a medical mystery that has the entire town on edge. One by one, the models fall ill from an incurable disease. Grape quickly realizes that the models’ parents are hiding a secret, even as they watch their children die. To save her only friend, Grape will have to find the truth–and that means putting her life in danger.

Due out in May from Fire and Ice YA Publishing

I hope you think it’s pretty–I certainly do!

Want a copy of your own?  Enter to win a free copy via Goodreads:

Goodreads Giveaway

Thanks to everyone how is hosting me today and later this week.  You guys are the best!!!!!


In Search of Downtime

Life is busy. That’s a statement that will never be untrue. Your life, my life, the barista’s life, they’re all jam packed with competing wants, needs, tasks, to-do lists and the pursuits of our own happiness. But we need time to turn our brain’s off. Not literally, that implies dying. We just need to relax, not flat line.

I’m usually pretty active but my life has definitely kicked up a notch in the last few months. I’m currently writing, editing, seeking reviews, setting up bookmarks and postcards, ordering swag, setting up a cover reveal and blog tour, working, working out, performing improv, blogging, posting stories to Wattpad and interacting there, insistently having a social life, bonding with the hubby (which is essential) and reading as much as I can. It’s been a lot. My day starts at 6:30 am with stretches for tendonitis, making coffee, then I move on to writing and editing with a bit of book promotion thrown in for good measure. Around 10 or 11, I work out, shower, eat lunch, make dinner (thank you crock-pot gods!), write more if I can and then head to work. I leave there about 7 pm most nights and head on to improv practice or writer’s group meetings or, if I’m really lucky, home to the hubby! The weekends are spent going out and writing. And yard work. And writing. And book promotion. And writing.

I’m good with all this. A lot of it will be over in late May. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t whined at all. I’ve totally whined.  Daily. Pity parties are a regular occurrence at the Heily household and require no invitation, set up or prep. I’ve gotten pretty good at them. 🙂

But I’m in a relatively good, if stressed, mood. The workouts help as do hugs from the hubby and knowing I only have a few months of doing this. And so does reminding myself that I live a fairly privileged life and that I’m working this hard to make a dream come true, not just for survival. In truth, I’m far more whiny than I deserve to be. I know that. I’m a bit of a wimp. Years of dealing with anxiety is a large part of it, but still, kind of wimpy. 😦

But, I do plan to take a full week away from writing and book promotion about one month after the book comes out (July?). SO, dear readers, I’ll be looking for ways to turn my brain off. Picture me, on a couch, in my PJs, with a smile on my face and a remote in my hand. If you know a good show or movie on HBO Now, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, hit me with it. I plan to lose a lot of hours of my life that week to binge watching movies and TV. If I don’t gain a few pounds that week, then I’ve done it wrong. So give me your best!

me watching tv
This will be me in July, minus the shoes. There will be no shoes.


Just a reminder, if you’d be willing to let me stop by your blog during my May/June blog tour or if you’d like to help with a cover reveal in late April early May, just leave a comment and let me know. 🙂


Gearing Up

Welcome to Sortilege Falls is due out from Fire and Ice YA Publishing in late May/early June. I am, of course, incredibly excited. The book is on its tenth round of edits. I’ve rewritten the blurb several times and the cover is done! So, if all that work is done and the book is nearing completion, then what the heck am I gearing up for? If you’re a writer as well as a reader, you’ve probably already guessed: Promotion.

UGH! Is there a dirtier word to speak to a writer? Is there another concept that will make a writer quake in their boots? Yes, and it’s called writer’s block, but, much like Fight Club, we don’t talk about writer’s block.

Giant Spider
Most writers would rather fight this guy than do promotion. Not me. No Frickin Way.  Image Found at WikiCommons

Promotion is absolutely frightening and can be overwhelming. I’d much rather sit in my office and clack on keys all day. But every writer has to do it. Our very careers depend on it. But damn we hate it. It’s like having to kiss your creepy uncle at Christmas. There’s nothing really wrong with him, but you’d rather skip it if you can.

You may be asking yourself what I mean by promotion. Do I plan to stand on a busy street corner dressed up as my book and flip a sign for Amazon? No, I do not. I don’t think I’d look good as a rectangle and I’m pretty clumsy, so that sign would end up in traffic in less than ten minutes.  I will, however, be covering the book promotion basics: cover reveal, posting sample chapters, and doing a blog tour. I’ll have a giveaway on Goodreads. Then there’s the hours I’ll spend begging politely asking book bloggers to read and review my book. Not to mention posting to twitter and instagram without becoming annoying (at least I hope so). That’s all ground I covered when I released Tough Girl. But I’m not stopping there. I’m heading bravely into uncharted waters.

I’m branching out to other areas of the interwebs and into real life. I have a reading scheduled at Green Monkey in downtown Raleigh and The Book Bar in North Raleigh. I’m going to include some improv with at least one of those readings. I’m ordering bookmarks and plan on distributing them around town. Plus I’ll give a few copies to my local library and the lending station at my local coffee house. Besides that, I’m releasing fiction free on Wattpad in hopes of broadening my audience. Not only will I publish free fiction, I’ll also be spending a decent amount of time trying to interact with my fellow readers.

I’m not mentioning all this in a woe-is-me lament. Far from it.  Sure, I’m stressed, who wouldn’t be? Promotion is a time-consuming, humbling slog. But this is all stuff I have to do because I have a book coming out, which is fantastic and the best thing ever. I’m mentioning it because it’s what my life is going to consist of for the next few months. I’ll be writing, promoting, performing improv, working and living. But I want to make sure I don’t burn out. So I’ll also be working out, sleeping, and turning my brain off whenever possible (I’m looking at you Netflix). In July, when the dust settles, I plan to post about what worked and what didn’t. If you’re in a charitable mood, please wish me luck!

So, fellow writers, what promotional tricks do you use?

Readers, what makes you interested in reading a book?



Thanks for stopping by! If you’d like to host me during my May blog tour or help me with my March cover reveal, please say so in the comments below and I’ll be sure to contact you!

Choosing Heroes


The passing of Alan Rickman hit me as hard as the untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.  I admired both actors and watched numerous movies solely to see their performances.  They were able to communicate an incredible emotional range with only the use of their facial muscles.  Each actor possessed a voice that could touch your soul.  Alan Rickman had the ability to play sarcasm to perfection.  Philip Seymour Hoffman became an incredible range of characters that could be soft or loud or crazy or fascinatingly boring.

This made me think about how I choose the people I admire.  Technical skill is a definite must.  Then I realized that both men played dramatic and comedic roles and allowed all of their performances to have a smattering of each.  They delved into the world of theater, teaching and performing, not just paying lip service.  Both men took risks with their roles, not settling on playing the same character over and over.

When I think about writers I admire, Eugene O’Neill and Virginia Woolf usually top the list.  Why?  Eugene O’Neill actually wrote a good amount of plays that I didn’t enjoy at all.  But enjoyment is not 100% what I’m after.  His plays ran the gambit of slice-of-life realism, expressionism, and experimental.  I admire Eugene O’Neill because he explored.  He wasn’t content to write the same play over and over again or stay safely tucked away in one genre.

Perhaps the exact same thing cannot be said for Virginia Woolf.  Would she have written science fiction?  I doubt it.  But she experimented with language, with POV, and with stream of consciousness.  Her works, though confusing at times, are consistently brilliant and bold.

When I admire someone, I don’t think I do it because they do one thing well.  I tend to admire people who step out of their comfort zone, people who risk failure to further their own understanding of their chosen art form.  I like risk takers who care more about doing what they like than doing what is comfortable.

I want to be the kind of writer that takes risks.  I don’t want to just be a brand.  I want to genre hop and play with the form of the novel.  I want to be bold.

New Beginnings

This is my first post on my new blog on my newly redesigned website.  I had my former blog for over three years.  I experimented a good bit during that time.  I’ve learned that I’m far happier posting fiction than I am posting bits about my life.  I love connecting with readers and other writers but I can’t spend hours a day surfing other blogs.  I need that time to write.  🙂  And I love emoticons.  I admit it.  I feel gross about it you guys, but it’s who I am.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I’d like to do with the new blog.  What I don’t want to do is throw up half-baked posts in order to stay relevant.  I’d like to share little bits of my days, maybe include a few photos, and try to talk about writing a bit here and there.  I’m thinking I’ll try to post monthly, bi-monthly if possible.

If you stop by to read this blog, I will definitely try to make it worth your while.  I’d love to say I’d make you tea, but I won’t.  And even if I did, you couldn’t drink it over the interwebs.  That’s just plain silly.