Sometimes A Monster will be out in late August/early September. The actual date is TBA. In anticipation, I’d like to start doing regular posts on Grape’s latest adventure.

Books one and two took place mostly on Earth with little glimpses of Starth, the magical land on the other side of the rift. But what is Starth?

First, if you think I named the land Starth because it rhymes with Darth (as in Vader), then you’re absolutely right. I am nothing if not a fan of Darth Vader. He’s evil but still capable of doing good at great sacrifice to himself.

Starth has a complicated history. It’s home to vampires, gnomes, witches, wizards, shape-shifters, were-animals, and humans. Wizards are the most powerful beings in Starth. Their desire for more knowledge and control led to wars. There are huge swaths of land that are still unusable due to spells that went wrong, or right, during The Wizard Wars. Every race was involved in the fighting but humans had it the worst. They have no particular strength or magical capability.

There are only four wizards left in Starth and they’ve agreed not to train anymore people in the ways of magic. They’ve sworn fealty to one man, Abaddon Nukpana, who rules Starth with an iron fist. He is the savior of the humans but he’s the scourge of the other races. The were-animals are trapped in the Valley of the Weres, hunted and killed if they leave their lands. The shifters are killed on sight and forced to hide in the deep recesses of Starth’s forests. The Vampires have been banished to the swamps of Gaspear. The witches and gnomes fared better, mostly because they’re seen as a non-threat.

Starth is a powder keg. All but the humans are ready to revolt and all they’re looking for is a reason. Grape and her friends are caught in a full scale revolution. Starth is headed for war, and so is Grape.


One thought on “Starth

  1. Congrats! Wow, you’ve built this entire fantasy world and put it out there for others to read and enjoy. Gotta be proud. 🙂


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