Sometimes A Monster – A Delay

No writer wants to delay the release of a novel, least of all me. I spent a year writing Sometimes A Monster and I’m so excited to share the end of Grape’s story, but life sometimes gets in the way. What’s kept me from performing the edits necessary to get the book into the world? It’s called New York.

My husband got an amazing job offer in Manhattan. We’ve spent the past six weeks packing, moving, finding a place to live, putting our house on the market, and taking all the steps necessary to start a new life in a new state. During that time, I also strained my back, had a tendonitis flare up and hurt my calf muscle. So, it’s been pretty exciting.

But, there’s good news. We’re in our new apartment, we’re almost fully unpacked, I’m 70% healed from my injuries and Sometimes A Monster has been edited! The release will happen in August, once we finalize the cover and set up a few more details. Exact date to come soon.

I’m so excited to be almost completely done with the move and back to writing. Besides the book release, I have a new novel in process, a few short stories I’m working on, a new screenplay, a new play and tons of research to do for future projects.  We’re settling into NYC which means that you can expect more stories soon!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes A Monster – A Delay

  1. You’re so lucky that you get to live in New York! I just came back from a vacation to NYC, and I loved it. I wish I could live there, but my job is keeping me in a small Midwestern college town, at least for now. I hope that you’re 100% healed from your injuries now, and congratulations on the edits!

    BTW, I had to put down an inactive e-mail address below, because every time I put down my regular one it somehow allows people to access my actual account.


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