Site Updates

The second book in the Grape Merriweather series will be out in mid-November. Yay!!! To celebrate, I’ll be cleaning up my website and trying to make it more appealing. That means new photos, new text, and regular updates on events.

I’ve been wrestling with the third and final book in the GM series. It nearly pinned me to the mat a few times, but I’ve managed to stage a WWE level comeback. I’m close to finishing. It’s too early to do a victory lap, but soon! That means I’ll have time to blog again. So double yay!!

In other news, I’ve been slowly but surely making my way through the 217 books on my bookshelf. I’m determined to read them all before buying more. Of the seven I’ve read so far, few have gripped me. The lone exception is Point Omega by Don DeLillo. The middle of the book was perfectly fine and worth reading, but it was really the first and last chapters that got me. They’re all about one man’s experience watching Psycho in slow motion. Every line is interesting and intricate. Please, for the love of all you hold dear, read those two chapters.

What about you interwebs? Anything exciting going on? Read anything good lately?



4 thoughts on “Site Updates

  1. I had wanted to read a lot of the books I own this year, too, but had gotten side-tracked with book clubs and finding books at my local library to read instead. Oops. Next year, I hope to read more of the books on my shelves.


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