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I usually don’t start blog posts with pictures, but I think the cover says it all, or at least a good part of it! I’m one of the last stops on Yolanda Renée’s blog tour for The Snowman. This is the first book I’ve read in the series so I’m coming to it with fresh eyes.

What I Liked:

The gore. I don’t say this lightly. I find it odd when books about serial killers skip how absolutely heinous the crimes really are. Renée didn’t shy away from the grotesque. No, she embraced it and I respect that.

The lack of a trite “Catch me, I dare you,” storyline. There’s nothing wrong with this as a device but it’s refreshing to read a serial killer book where the killer doesn’t write/phone/email or in any way taunt the detectives working his case. I’ve grown frustrated with that plot line.

Stowy/Stone – the killer. This isn’t a whodunit so I’m giving nothing away by naming the killer. I loved that Stowy was unapologetic. He felt no remorse, had no desire to get caught and viewed his victims as things. Not a person I want to meet IRL but someone I can enjoy hating.

What Wasn’t My Cup of Tea:

Steven Quaid – This is where not having read the other novels left me at a disadvantage. If you’ve read them, then most likely Steven’s origin story is fantastic and hopefully answers some questions for you. My hunch is, we’ve learned a ton about Steven and his personality in the first novels and giving him too much time in this book might have bored fans of the series. He was perfectly fine, I didn’t dislike the character, I just wish we got to spend more time with him and get more involved with his thoughts.

In general, I wanted more details. This is a preference thing and not a knock on the book, but I found myself wanting the chapters to be longer and the physical descriptions of characters’ actions to be more drawn out. SPOILER WARNING – There’s a part where Stowy is making a human being into a marionette and while the physical actions were there, I wanted a blow by blow of how the needle felt going in and through the muscle–not because I’m sick or anything, but because it’s such a unique way to kill someone that I couldn’t really picture it or how it felt. The closest I’ve experienced is getting a tattoo which definitely pales in comparison.

Who I would recommend this book to:

It’s summer. You’re headed to the beach. If you’re like me and you enjoy a touch of darkness with your happy/vacation time, then this book is for you. It’s a quick read with an engaging plot. Slather on your sunscreen and get ready for a gritty tale of murder and madness. Oh, and, try to ignore all the people at the beach glancing your way, any one of whom could be sizing you up as prey. 🙂




Chapter XII


September 15th

Soft music played in the background. The table was set with her best china, and candles glowed softly, their reflections flickering in the wine glasses. Stone sat down at one end of the table.

Fern’s smiled faded to a frown. “Knock that look off your face. I did all this for you.”

Stone flashed his teeth, but no real smile formed. He placed his napkin aside and waited.

His mother dropped a sizzling T-bone onto his plate. “I told you that girl was no good. All you’ve done is mope since that damn reunion.”

I don’t want to talk about it, Mother.” He poured catsup all over his steak. “Don’t you just love the color red?”

You know blue is my favorite color. Red always reminds me of blood.” She recoiled, but added several potato wedges to his plate and pushed the sour cream closer. “Heartache is rough, but my friend’s daughter, Winifred, is available.”

Stone furrowed his brow.

She’s a lovely girl. I think you’ve seen her. When you picked me up last Tuesday? Do you remember?”

Stone’s eyes closed. “Yeah, the brunette with the big glasses.”

Take those glasses off, and you have a real beauty.” She beamed.

I’ll take your word for it.” Yeah, remove those glasses and Dumbo-sized clothes and I’ll bet she’s a real hell cat. His lips twisted into a sheepish grin.


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