I’ve had to keep this under wraps for nearly two months. For the record, I am not good at keeping secrets. I have to regularly warn friends not to tell me anything in confidence. It’s embarrassing. And yet, I’ve managed to keep this one!


I’m excited to announce that my publisher for Welcome to Sortilege Falls is hosting a series of events in April to celebrate strong female characters in young adult fiction. Strength comes in many forms. We’re not only celebrating the super girls who are able to slay dragons or defeat alien invaders (though we love them and will definitely gush over them), but also those who possess a quiet strength that often goes unnoticed: the girl who stands up for her friends, the girl who has the inner strength to walk away from a bad relationship, the confident girl who works hard to make a better life for herself.

This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I started writing Welcome to Sortilege Falls in part for fun, and also because I wanted to develop a main character who was awkward and unsure of herself but always tried to do the right thing. I love reading about strong women. Our readers deserve strong female characters who have flaws, but also possess a sense of self-worth and a determination to be taken seriously. And now, we have  an entire month to celebrate them!

Here are the fun events we have planned:

Sale – Fire and Ice is putting roughly a dozen titles on sale from April 17 to the 23rd.
Kick Ass Girls of YA Blog Hop – April 19 – Details and sign up below!
Facebook Event – April 22nd  – Events will be throughout the day!
Twitter Discussions on the topic of Strong female characters in YA fiction – Friday nights in April, 9-10 pm EST (April 7, 14, 21 and 28) Use the hashtag #KickAssGirlsofYA
Instagram Event – April 8th lasting for one week – more details to come

Free Short Story Collection – From the Fire and Ice authors – to be released April 15th!

We’ll have author interviews on the Fire and Ice blog throughout the whole month of April as well!


To kick it off, we’re doing a Rafflecopter Giveaway this week for multiple Fire and Ice ebook titles! The Rafflecopter starts March 27th and runs for one week. There are six ebooks up for grabs.

Here’s a link to the Rafflecopter:
Rafflecopter giveaway

The Kick Ass Girls of YA Blog Hop – April 19th

I am so proud to be hosting this blog hop! How does it work? It’s super simple. Sign up using the linky tool below. On April 19th, write a post about a strong female YA character on your blog, then visit the other blogs on the list. Be sure to leave comments and enjoy the discussion. What can you post? We’re leaving it pretty open. You can write about a character you’ve created or a character you’ve enjoyed in a young adult novel. Maybe you’ll write a post about a character you’d love to see or what you hope young adult fiction will be like fifty years from now. As long as it involves young adult fiction and strong female characters, then you’re good!

Feel free to post the linky tool on your blog as well! We’d love to start a discussion throughout the blogosphere on this important and fun topic.

Enter the Blog Hop for April 19th. The link will take you to the sign up and will also let you copy and paste the code: 

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Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

26 thoughts

  1. I’m so glad to hear your MC is awkward but a hard worker who does the right thing. I’m a bit fed-up with hormonal “kick-ass” YA heroines who fight with any guy they come across (before falling in love with him, of course). Congrats on your publisher’s great idea and on you doing the blog hop! That’s awesome, and I hope many people see & buy your book!


    1. Thanks Lexa! Yeah, it was super important to me that we highlight all kinds of strength. Too often it’s just the physically tough females we focus on.


  2. I LOVE this! Right up my alley. I signed up for the blog hop. I’ll combine it with my empowering women post. And the woman I picked for that one is a good fit to inspire young girls. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Love the idea, but WEP and A to Z already have my commitment. Love the tough girl idea. My grandmother’s were the strongest women I’ve ever known! History is full of them – kickass and gentle loving women! Cool!


  4. Awesome lineup of events! Will mention in my next newsletter. I created #StrongWomenWrite for this same reason – to call attention to strong female characters in fiction, and the women who write them. Wishing everyone great success & much fun during the events.


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