Launching a Serial

I hope your Fourth of July was a fun-filled sparkly adventure. For those of you not in the States, I hope you had a lovely weekend.

But today is July 5th and the long holiday weekend is over. I had planned to make this announcement last week and to start this project on the first Monday of July. That was before I realized that the first Monday of July was Independence Day. The best laid plans…

So the second Monday of the month will just have to do!

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a serialized story for over two years now. On my old blog, I wrote flash fiction for a while and released a new story every Friday. There was something cathartic about the experience. Every week I pushed myself to explore a new idea and I tried to tackle new writing styles as often as possible. I had only been writing fiction for a few years so some of the stories, and all of the grammar, were rough. I’ve missed Flash Fiction Friday but I’ve been hesitant to bring it back. I have so many other responsibilities that I wasn’t sure if I could come up with a brand new idea every week. But I do feel confident that I can explore the same idea of every week. 🙂

A little history:

A few years ago, I got a speeding ticket while driving to Virginia for a family occasion. I went 82 miles an hour on I-95 which, in VA, is reckless driving. I got passed several times and I had no idea the officer even meant me when she put on her lights. I was shocked when she pulled me over (82 on I-95 is actually a pretty tame speed). I couldn’t argue, technically I was wrong. But it turns out that there are several counties in VA that pull over out-of-state drivers and give them tickets because typically, out-of-state drivers just pay the fine. I did not, but that’s another story involving a court date and lawyers. This experience did lead to the idea of “Our Beloved Dictator.”

Dictator Cover
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I am excited to announce that starting on July 11 and running roughly 26 weeks, I will be posting my serialized story, “Our Beloved Dictator” on this site. I’ll create a special section for it, 2 actually. One  section will house the latest post and another will feature the series in order as it develops.

I want to be as honest as possible: I only have 6 posts fully written and edited. Six weeks is going to fly by and I fully expect to write some of the later segments the night before I post them. Not because I’m lazy, but because like most people in this world, I have a lot of competing interests for my time. But I really really really like this story. It will be told in roughly one thousand word chunks.

If you’re feeling saucy, check back next Monday for the first installment.

17 thoughts on “Launching a Serial

  1. You’re so ambitious! I think it’s a great idea for keeping yourself to a deadline. Another good idea might be joining Denise and Yolanda’s WEP (Write, Edit, Publish) which gives a prompt once a month and only requires 1000 words, and you have the whole blog hop list to visit and who’ll visit you. Good luck with your exciting new serial! 🙂


    1. Oh that is cool! I hadn’t heard of that site. I’m off to check it out now. And thank you for the good wishes!


  2. What a fun idea! I’ve toyed with trying to serialize something, but don’t think I can keep consistent with it right now. As far as speeding, having Colorado plates is an automatic pull over these days if you exceed the speed limit in any surrounding states. They’re hoping to bust people with marijuana…


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