After years of writing, months of editing and behind-the-scenes promotional work, Welcome to Sortilege Falls is unleashed upon the world!  Wow, that sounded really dramatic.  It’s a book, not a movie monster.  But still.  The book I worked so hard on is available for all to read!!!!

Let’s Party!!!!!

I’ve been waiting for this day since I signed my contract last September.  And it’s finally here. Woo hoo!!!

Book Cover Design by Caroline Andrus

Currently, WTSF is only offered as an ebook but the paperback version will be available in one to two weeks.  Here are the ebook purchase links:


Barnes and Noble


And the best part?  I now have time to write again!  I’m busy working on book two in the series.  So if you like this one…more is on the way!

And sorry for all the exclamation points.  But can you blame me for being happy?  🙂

I posted a character interview last Friday with Blake from Endless by Misha Gerrick.  It’s not my normal post day but please drop by and check it out here.

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