Today, we will be visiting with Romance author Ryan Jo Summers.  But first, a BIG announcement!  Welcome to Sortilege Falls is now available for preorder on Amazon!!!!  The special preorder price of $2.99 is good through the release date of May 31st.  So make sure to pick it up before the price increases.  🙂


Welcome to Sortilege Falls for $2.99

And now, to the business of the day!  Ryan Jo Summers is the author of several books, including the Nominee for The Romance Reviews ‘Reader’s Choice Spring 2016 Award’–Chasing the Painted Skies and her newest release Upon the Tide.  But let’s let Ryan speak for herself.

I see you write in multiple genres, do you have a favorite? Do you genre hop, going from one to another in a rhythm, or does the story idea drive the genre choice?

My favorites are definitely Christian and time travel romance. I am slowly becoming a fan of  reading women’s fiction and romantic thriller. There is no rhythm or pattern to what will be next, it’s purely idea driven.

All of your books have at least one element that requires a foundation of knowledge. In Whispers in Her Heart, you have a horse trainer as a main character and Shimmers of Stardust has a character who time travels from the Civil War. How much research do you put into every book? Do you have experts check your work to make sure you haven’t put in any erroneous details?

The research varies.  Some of the topics I’m already fairly familiar with based on personal interest. Others require notebooks full. For example, I am now researching for an upcoming project, a historical based in the 17th century Golden age of piracy and nobility. I’m pulling my hair out! I much prefer the civil war era. And yes, I turn to experts when I’m dummified on facts.

Golden age of Piracy.  Sounds fun!  What is your writing process like?

I work 2nd shift so I get up as early as possible, take care of emails and social media, then write. I keep around two projects on my desktop available. I go back and re-read yesterday’s work, editing because something surely needs editing. I try to leave a few notes to pick up on, or I might have emailed myself some notes/ thoughts while at work the day before. So with those threads, I am off and running until I run out of time.

Do you have a favorite writing time?

Mornings and early afternoons, because of day job schedule.

Who’s more fun to write–the heroes or the villains?

Heroes. Especially the male hero. I don’t know why. I feel more of a connection to them. However, when I have a hero I know will turn out to be a villain, I like building them into a great person, so they have so much further to fall when their time comes.

Can we get a peek at one of your paintings?

I never considered myself an artist, still don’t. Painting is just another form of expression, like poetry, writing, journalism.
Lilacs by Ryan Jo Summers


Does painting heavily influence how you approach writing?

I enjoy painting but have so little time. I have two scenes I want to paint, and have several rough sketches of both, experimenting with color and shapes. One I think about frequently because I really just want to sit down and paint it. However, I view writing as more important, so the desire/ need to sit down and write is going to trump the want of painting every time. Now, if I run dry on the books, painting comes to the rescue to recharge those creative juices.

How does your love of animals and nature influence your work?

Hugely! Many of my books feature at least one pet, if not a few, even in a minor capacity. Why? Subconscious way of saying I can’t imagine a world without some pet(s) in it. Even the make believe worlds I create. They are as important to the story as they are to my life. Ditto for nature. Many are set by the water, which if you seen my study, you would fully understand why. It’s decorated and designed as close to the water as I can make it. Characters go for walks along the water or in the woods, just like I do.  Also, being aware of details in nature–the curve of a branch, curl of flower petals, colors of the river, etc.. it all helps bring awareness of details to my writing.

collie sketch
Rough Collie Sketch by Ryan Jo Summers

Tackling MS is a bold move in a romance story. What were the challenges of writing a main character with MS in a romance?

The biggest challenge was making her fears real to the readers. Everyone dreams of lasting love, but it’s a real challenge  for those with conditions that impact others. In the story I had to balance her desires and fears with his opinions. ‘Glimpse Eternity’ is a case of art imitating life.

What fun fact would you love us to know about your latest novel?

I am so jealous of Kade. I want to live on a boat like he has! While I was researching for ‘Upon the Tide’, I couldn’t stop myself from daydreaming. One day….wouldn’t it be nice…

If you could visit one place, expense be damned, where would you go?

Ha! About 8 hours away. From  one side of the state to the other– mountains to the coast. I’d love to take my dog and spend some time at the Outer Banks of NC and around the northeast corner up by Virginia. In lieu if that, exploring the canals, art, architecture and history of Venice would be nice. Renting an RV, taking some of my critters and touring the New England coast would be awesome too.

Who are your biggest influences?

Nora Roberts. I enjoy her sibling series and her Irish stories.  Linda Lael Miller does great time travel. Sara Gruen, (who lives in my neck of the woods) is fantastic.

Any advice for struggling writers out there?

Never doubt yourself. Ever.  Learn your craft, treat it seriously and treat yourself like a professional. Be willing to start small, working yourself to where you picture yourself eventually. Seek guidance from trusted peers–and listen to it. Most of it. Faith and patience builds and moves mountains. Invest in yourself. Keep records. Watch your skills grow, not the calendar pages turn.


All great advice.  Thank you for a wonderful interview!  Please keep reading to find out more about Ryan’s latest release: Upon the Tide.


Upon The Tide Final


Upon the Tide Blurb:

Paradise has turned deadly.

New York fashion designer, Piper Kincaid, just wanted a pleasant vacation in Florida with her cousin. That was before she and handsome beach bum, Kade Wyatt, become the targets of a gang of robbers and killers. Now, fleeing for their lives aboard Kade’s boat, they experience risk, surprise, mystery and romance during the Great Caribbean Boat Chase.

Kade just wanted some fish and now he’s busy thinking about the lovely out-of-town exec when he should be concentrating on keeping them alive. However, the biggest surprises are still waiting for them back at port.

Upon the Tide excerpt:

Actually, it seemed kind of simple to her. The bad guys chasing them were being eliminated. Once they were all gone, she and Kade could return to their previous lives. Personally, the reasoning of why the great chase across the Caribbean didn’t mean as much to her as just ending it.

However, as much as she knew she had to return to work and home, a part of her whispered it had been nice just being with Kade on his boat. Nice enough, that whisper nudged, to want to continue it.

Nonsense, she told the nudging whisper, pushing aside a strand of hair picked up on the breeze. Sure, it had not been all bad, but she still had responsibilities back home. Coming here had been a vacation only. Not a romance. Besides, she had no room in her life for romance. Regardless how pleasurable time with Kade was.

Gibberish, her mind whispered back, almost laughing at her. Huffing irritably, she stomped back to the galley to fix breakfast. Yanking sausage out of the fridge, she slapped it on the cutting board and slashed away at it with a knife.


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Thanks Ryan for visiting today and thank you for reading!  Have a great day on the interwebs!

30 thoughts

  1. Hello Misha and Christine. Thank you for stopping by. Libby, thank you for hosting me. I am up to chapter six of Welcome to Sortilege Falls, and loving it so far. I definitely recommend it.


  2. The research you’re doing right now sounds fascinating. I love it when I can read an entertaining book that’s set in a period and informs me about some of the history of that period. I enjoyed reading your interview. Thanks for hosting Ryan, Libby.


    1. Hello C Lee. Thank you for stopping by. Research is something I never envisioned having to do when writing fiction. I used to think that was just for non-fiction. Wow, was I ever wrong. And actually, I’ve come to enjoy the historical research other writers put in their fiction works.


  3. Congrats to Ryan Jo on her books and especially the award nomination! And congrats to Libby on getting her book up for pre-orders! Have a great week!


    1. Hello Alex, thank you for stopping in. It seems the suspense books are more prevalent now, but Christian is my preferred genre (along with time travel). Along with Shimmers of Stardust out now, I have Beside Still Waters coming out in November with Soul Mate Publishing and am working on a re-write of another older manuscript to submit later this year. I have another one I am shopping around too. Thank you for following my work.


    1. Hello Cheri. Researching this one is the hardest I’ve done to date. As a rule I don’t care much for historicals with Lords and Ladies. And I’ve never been a pirate fan. So what is possessing me to write such a novel? Inspired I guess. I am already mad in love with my hero Captain Ronan Standish. And the heroine (Lady Wyndgate something or another at this point) is just wonderful.


    1. Hello Stephanie. Writing for children is something I can not do, so please don’t be jealous. Maybe one day, or maybe not. Thank you for stopping by and including your link. I’ll check it out.


  4. I love reading author’s interviews, it’s so interesting to add those personal facts of the author life to the concept of their writing.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Tema Merback
    Writing as Belle Ami


    1. Hello, Tema. Yes I enjoy reading about other authors too. What they do outside the writing cave and what their lives are like. Wow, we’re all just real people!. And fascinating ones. Thank you for stopping by.


  5. Fantastic interview. I wish I wrote every single morning since I’m an early bird, but I end up doing housework and day job things at that time, but I do write a lot during the weekend late at night and early in the morning. I pre-ordered your book. 🙂


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