The Haunted Stepsister Cover Reveal

EEK!!!  I am late. I was supposed to reveal Medeia Sharif’s cover last Monday! Sorry Medeia! The world has been a crazy place over the last few months. But, better late than never!

The Haunted Step-SisterFinal


The Haunted Stepsister by Medeia Sharif will be available on May 9, 2016. Want to know more? Here’s the blurb:

Sixth grade isn’t easy for Jesenya Moradi, especially since her father’s recent remarriage and tension with her new stepsister, Kammy. After an incident at school that nearly destroyed Kammy’s life, Jess has been desperate to get on Kammy’s good side. But a fateful trip to an allegedly haunted bathroom changes both girls’ lives forever.

The rumors about the bathroom are true, and now Jess is convinced a demon’s possessing Kammy. Eerie things happen whenever she’s around – flying objects, flickering lights, not to mention the fact that something, or someone, is making people into its puppets.

Worse, the demon seems fixated on making Jess confess her part in ruining Kammy’s reputation. Sticking to her Muslim faith, Jess enlists the help of an imam to exorcise the demon from Kammy. But can they get rid of the demon before it destroys her new family?

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I don’t know about you, but the idea of a haunted bathroom is terrifying! Especially a public bathroom. Gross meets ghastly!

msharif author pic

Author Bio:

Medeia Sharif was born in New York City and she presently calls Miami her home. She received my master’s degree in psychology from Florida Atlantic University. After becoming a voracious reader in high school and a relentless writer dabbling in many genres in college, she found her niche writing for young people. Today she’s a MG and YA writer published through various presses. In addition to being a writer, she is a public school teacher. Her memberships include MensaALAN, and SCBWI.

If you’d like to drop by to say hello to Medeia, you can find a link to her site here.


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