In Search of Downtime

Life is busy. That’s a statement that will never be untrue. Your life, my life, the barista’s life, they’re all jam packed with competing wants, needs, tasks, to-do lists and the pursuits of our own happiness. But we need time to turn our brain’s off. Not literally, that implies dying. We just need to relax, not flat line.

I’m usually pretty active but my life has definitely kicked up a notch in the last few months. I’m currently writing, editing, seeking reviews, setting up bookmarks and postcards, ordering swag, setting up a cover reveal and blog tour, working, working out, performing improv, blogging, posting stories to Wattpad and interacting there, insistently having a social life, bonding with the hubby (which is essential) and reading as much as I can. It’s been a lot. My day starts at 6:30 am with stretches for tendonitis, making coffee, then I move on to writing and editing with a bit of book promotion thrown in for good measure. Around 10 or 11, I work out, shower, eat lunch, make dinner (thank you crock-pot gods!), write more if I can and then head to work. I leave there about 7 pm most nights and head on to improv practice or writer’s group meetings or, if I’m really lucky, home to the hubby! The weekends are spent going out and writing. And yard work. And writing. And book promotion. And writing.

I’m good with all this. A lot of it will be over in late May. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t whined at all. I’ve totally whined.  Daily. Pity parties are a regular occurrence at the Heily household and require no invitation, set up or prep. I’ve gotten pretty good at them. 🙂

But I’m in a relatively good, if stressed, mood. The workouts help as do hugs from the hubby and knowing I only have a few months of doing this. And so does reminding myself that I live a fairly privileged life and that I’m working this hard to make a dream come true, not just for survival. In truth, I’m far more whiny than I deserve to be. I know that. I’m a bit of a wimp. Years of dealing with anxiety is a large part of it, but still, kind of wimpy. 😦

But, I do plan to take a full week away from writing and book promotion about one month after the book comes out (July?). SO, dear readers, I’ll be looking for ways to turn my brain off. Picture me, on a couch, in my PJs, with a smile on my face and a remote in my hand. If you know a good show or movie on HBO Now, Netflix, or Amazon Prime, hit me with it. I plan to lose a lot of hours of my life that week to binge watching movies and TV. If I don’t gain a few pounds that week, then I’ve done it wrong. So give me your best!

me watching tv
This will be me in July, minus the shoes. There will be no shoes.


Just a reminder, if you’d be willing to let me stop by your blog during my May/June blog tour or if you’d like to help with a cover reveal in late April early May, just leave a comment and let me know. 🙂


13 thoughts on “In Search of Downtime

    1. Sweet! I’ll put you on the list! Thanks! I’ve seen a few episodes of Jessica Jones. I will most likely be revisiting her in July. 🙂


  1. You’re so organized and active. That’s awesome! I wish I were more like you. Good luck with the writing, promo-ing, and everything else! 🙂


  2. You deserve a break and don’t think you’re alone with those “pity parties.” Next Monday (27th) Check out what I’m doing re: my Email Connect. See if you’d be interested. Good luck with that launch and the planned break.


  3. Man, you have organization down! I’m terrible at getting up early to get things done. Instead, I do them in the middle of the night. I just function better that way. But I do need to move the clock back. Good luck with everything, and enjoy that break when it gets here! I’d be happy to help with the cover reveal if you need someone else.


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