New Beginnings

This is my first post on my new blog on my newly redesigned website.  I had my former blog for over three years.  I experimented a good bit during that time.  I’ve learned that I’m far happier posting fiction than I am posting bits about my life.  I love connecting with readers and other writers but I can’t spend hours a day surfing other blogs.  I need that time to write.  🙂  And I love emoticons.  I admit it.  I feel gross about it you guys, but it’s who I am.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I’d like to do with the new blog.  What I don’t want to do is throw up half-baked posts in order to stay relevant.  I’d like to share little bits of my days, maybe include a few photos, and try to talk about writing a bit here and there.  I’m thinking I’ll try to post monthly, bi-monthly if possible.

If you stop by to read this blog, I will definitely try to make it worth your while.  I’d love to say I’d make you tea, but I won’t.  And even if I did, you couldn’t drink it over the interwebs.  That’s just plain silly.

14 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Thanks LG and Alex! I’m hoping to visit a lot of bloggy friends soon and let them know where I’ve run off to. So glad you two stopped by. I feel like I learned so much from the old blog. Hoping to apply that knowledge in the new year.


  2. I can always find people as long as there’s a link on an old blog. I love the idea of a story blog and initially thought about going that route, but then I discovered scribd and wattpad, and they got way more traffic than a blog. I still have ambitions about getting really active on one of those sites, but you know, there’s real life too. =) (P.S. Emoticon away.)


  3. Thanks for stopping by guys! I really appreciate it. Emoticons are amazing! I’m going to try Wattpad as well. Right now, I’m trying to carve off the time to get those stories going. 🙂

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